ahhhhh my hair!!!

All of my life my hair has seemed to shed a lot! It gets caught up on my toes, my vacuum, my newly pedicured nail polish!!! Such an annoyance but I’m not alone. All of us shed hair on the daily. It’s natural. As I approach 40 I’ve found that my hair is much thinner and I simply want to keep it maintained and pretty. When I was offered Nutriscana’s Vitivana hair and scalp vitamins I was excited to begin taking them. There are a lot of good vitamins in them plus some extra goodies for hair, skin and nails. Of course, I can’t notice a difference yet because I just began taking them about 1 week ago. I’m not sure if I am supposed to stop taking my regular multivitamin and use these solely but I think that’s what I’ll do. Otherwise its just overkill.

This getting old stuff is for the birds!!! Dry skin, hair falling out… what’s next??? Do you take a multivitamin to help specifically with skin, hair & nails? What brand is it? Does it seem to be working for you? What progress are you seeing with it?? I’m so curious and am crossing my fingers that I begin to notice a nice change.

Nourishes  your Hair & Scalp
Nourishes your Hair & Scalp

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