Argan Oil?

There has been many discussions in a few of the beauty groups that I belong to about Argan Oil. You can use Argan Oil for your hair, skin and nails. The benefits sounded amazing so when there was a chance for me to review Uni’s Argan Oil I hopped on it.

The girls have mentioned that they’ve noticed some restoration of their dull/frizzy hair, its helped protect their skins elasticity but what I found to be super convenient is the way it soothed my cracked and peeling cuticles. I’m obsessed with putting it on my cuticles.

It comes in a dropper bottle so it’s easy to use and apply. I’ve found myself having to warm it up in my hands to help thin it out a little for easier application. It definitely gave me back a nice shine to my hair and it absorbs surprisingly fast. For me, scent matters. It’s got a very natural and almost nutty smell to it. Nothing overbearing and definitely a nice smell. With its results on my hair and my cuticles I’m a happy little diva. Now I keep the bottle in my purse and obsessively apply it to my nail beds. I loved this stuff!!How do you use Argan Oil? I’d love some tips & tricks. Feel free to leave me a comment.



~ Happy little Diva.


I received this product free for review purposes and am completely unbiased with my reviews.

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