Playin’ with my Spiral Slicer

Once I received the Kitchen Supreme Spiral Slicer in the mail I was a little intimidated but since I am the kitchen gadget queen I HAD to find a way to use it. I literally had no clue what to Continue reading Playin’ with my Spiral Slicer

Should You Be Drinking Bulletproof Coffee?

by: Dennis Faye Wellness hipsters across the country have taken to “bulletproofing” their mornings by swapping out a balanced breakfast for coffee topped off with grass-fed butter and coconut oil in hopes that the resulting cup o’ greasy joe will Continue reading Should You Be Drinking Bulletproof Coffee?

11 Easy Homemade Condiments

Condiments are probably the unsung heroes of many of your favorite meals. After all, what is a hamburger without a little something sweet or savory spread on the bun? The trouble is, some condiments can also be the secret villains Continue reading 11 Easy Homemade Condiments

Shakeology no-bake protein bites

It’s been such a long time since I’ve made these and lately I have been craving something that I can grab on the go. This healthy ball of protein and energy is packed with amazing super foods all rolled into one bite. There is no Continue reading Shakeology no-bake protein bites

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Seriously, if you haven’t made these already….you’ve got to! The asparagus in my refrigerator has been calling my name so of course I headed over to Pinterest for some new ideas. Normally I’ll just grill them up but it was time that I switch Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

Best and Worst Cooking Methods

There’s an old culinary expression that goes something like, “It’s not the firmness of your zucchini, it’s the way you cook it.” In other words, buying (or growing) the right foods is crucial to good health, but if you don’t Continue reading Best and Worst Cooking Methods

Birthday & Shrimp Scampi

Yesterday I celebrated my 38th birthday. What a great day it was. Everyone spoiled me rotten with birthday wishes and it made my day feel super special. This year my kids really went out of their way to make sure Continue reading Birthday & Shrimp Scampi