Derma rolling? What is this beauty trend about?

I was really excited to receive this set. I’ve never Derma Rolled before but I do have troubled areas that I’d like to treat. The first thing I thought was important was to find examples of Derma Rolling on YouTube so that’s exactly what I did. For hours. So, it is really nice to start off with 0.25mm because of the pain level. I’ve actually received another roller that was 0.50mm and that one HURTS! Start off with the 0.25 to get your skin used to being pinned. =) My trouble areas are my laugh lines and nose. I Derma Rolled 2x for 2 weeks at night. (First, sterilizing my face and roller with alcohol as directed). Immediately after my treatment the Pure Hyaluronic acid came in handy. It was soothing and I feel like it did treat my face deep into each layer. My face did feel more plump the morning after and I wonder if over time my laugh lines won’t be so deep. It’s probably only been about 3 weeks since I received this package so I want to give it more time before a rate it out completely. So far, so good. I’m happy with my progress so far and can’t wait to see what the outcome will be in another month.




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