DIY Picture Collage

    Since I have a love and appreciation for photography its safe to assume my walls at home are covered with family collages and framed art. I’ve used up so much wall space and have the hardest time replacing old pictures with new ones because I feel like the old ones will feel left out. Odd, I know. It’s a problem. =) Well, last Christmas I was gifted quite a few collage frames and with all of the ones that already adorn my walls there was one more space open. My children’s bathroom. They are teenagers now (13 & 16). I sat for hours going through pictures on my hard drive, I-phone, I-pad and desktop and can’t find any pictures that I don’t already have in a frame.

As I glanced around my computer room I spot my most favorite book of all time. “Wear Sunscreen”. This book holds the MOST treasured advice that not many people take to heart. Except me. Things like “be kind to your knees, you will miss them when they’re gone”, “floss”, “stretch”, “do one thing every day that scares you”. I’ve flipped through every page in this book year after year and still agree that it has the greatest life advice ever. There were a few more quotes that I found online that were a must! Ones like, “only brush the teeth you want to keep”, “keep your promises” and “pay with hugs and kisses”.  Then a light bulb went off in my head. A-ha! My two teens need these words embedded in their minds before they leave the nest. Like every other mother out there, I want them to be kind human beings. My next step was getting each one printed out. After spending an hour choosing which pieces of advice I wanted to print & in which fone I came up with a collage with my favorite words of wisdom to share with them. Now, when they enter their bathroom and have nothing to do but sit and stare, they are forced to read profound life advice from their mom. This collage has become a household favorite! Don’t let those empty collages become dust collectors. Make these for your home, your friends, your family. They are such a treasure! (and super cheap to make!)


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