I dug out my ring! (Diamond Candle)

IMG_7545Last week I took advantage of Diamond Candles buy 1 get 1 free so I ordered “Love Crush” and “Sweet Pea” both really good scents. This is probably my 3rd order and I’ve gotten pretty decent rings. One was far too big so I gave it away, although it is gorgeous. This time I burned ‘Love Crush’ first and burned it for about 4 hours until I just went stir crazy and dug out the ring with a fork (not recommended). It was a mess and wax was everywhere but I was being a freak at the time and NEEDED to see the ring. It was, however, the first time I revealed a ring with a code. The ring itself wasn’t my favoriteĀ as it had a yellow stone (bleh) but I went online to see if I won. When you are shown your ring’s worth you are automatically taken to the Diamond Candle store to see which rings you can choose from. In my case it was all of the $100 rings. Nice!!

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the Prism Ring in Sterling silver. It has 1/4 CT Diamond in it and the best part is that you get to select the size of the ring that fits you! This is great because the rings inside the candle are just a random size and you have to cross your fingers that it fits you. I’ve been having a lot of fun giving them away as well but when you win, you win one that fits you best! I’m so excited to see it in person!!!


If you’ve never had a Diamond Candle experience I highly recommend it. They really put out a beautiful scent and they burn for hours and hours. You can receive 20% off your first order by using my LINK. Have you been burning Diamond Candles for a long time? What is your favorite scent!? I’m excited to hear from you.

With Love, Denise

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