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Everlast Nutrition

This one is for my lady readers:

As you are aware I love to dabble in the health & fitness world. Nothing negative can come out of being curious about fitness nor nutrition. If anything, your mind is constantly learning and researching. As long as you keep feeding your mind then your body will follow. Which leads me to Everlast Nutrition. First, I have to state that I am not affiliated with this company other than that fact that I promised to review their Everlast Lean Kit for Women in which I have ordered for free in exchange for an unbiased honest review. There couldn’t have been a more perfect time because I find myself always searching for a spark. Respectfully, I thought I’d give it a try. I’m assuming the kit is a one month supply? I mean all we need is 21 days, right? I refuse to wear a winter coat in summer. I can commit to a month for starters.

This is what is included in the women’s lean kit:


A tablet containing a proprietary blend with Teavigo® – a patented green tea extract specially formulated to support your body’s metabolism. Eating less can slow down your metabolism, which is why experts recommend giving it a boost.


A Chai tea flavored shake powder with Fabuless®, a proprietary formula made from natural palm and oat oils – clinically proven to control your appetite. It also contains a vitamin and mineral blend formulated to meet women’s nutritional needs.

Just mix with water – it is light and super easy to drink – and you’ll eat less throughout the day.

I like the idea of it containing vitamins and minerals and am curious how my body will take to it. I wish I could tell you what I think about it but I’m anxiously awaiting my kit. In conjunction with this system its important to workout as well. Sounds to me like the Metabolism Boost is going to give you a nice little kick of energy since there is green tea in it. The coolest thing about the company itself is that they gave me a few lean kits to give away to my female readers. If you are open to try a new weight management product and want to receive a free kit just click on this link: Everlast Nutrition Giveaway!!! and be sure to type in code: “FACEYOURMUG“. There are only a few left so hurry and grab yours now. Once they are gone you can still enter the same code for a 35% discount at EverlastNutrition.com

** UPDATE!!! – Everlast Nutrition has extended the GIVEAWAY!!!!! Get yours NOW!!! ** <– Click Here

I can’t wait to come back when I am finished with the kit and let you know how it worked out for me. If you are able to grab a kit for free, be sure to leave a comment below and let me know.

Be well my friends,

Denise <3

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