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I’m SO happy when I’m in need of something and an excellent deal comes through my email. Normally (but mostly always) I’ll go grab what I’ve needed and then shortly afterward I’ll receive an excellent deal at the same store that evening. It always chaps my hyde! This time, I was SOOOO excited to receive this Sally’s Beauty Supply email at the same time there was a product I needed in mind. (see below):

sallys deal

50% off clearance!!! Ohhhh yeahhhh!! Count me in!! I haven’t been too thrilled about my 1″ Hot Tools curler lately.. Not that I don’t love it, but the curls have been far too perky since I’ve gotten more layers. (Too much bounce to the ounce!)…I wanted a more laid back curl. One that said “I’m chill but I put some effort into todays look”. This means I’d need to get a thicker curling iron. I’ve been shopping for deals online through every store imaginable through e-bates but this email lead me straight to the Sally’s in my home town. I went in with my fingers crossed! First I spotted the clearance rack and saw TONS of 1″ barrels and blow dryers on sale. One of the gals politely asked me what I was in search of but I didn’t want to leave that clearance rack. I said ‘bummer, no 1 1/4″?’ She said “Yes, we have some” as she dug into the very back of the row. It was a Conair Professional Jibere Nano curler that was priced fair to begin with (I believe it was originally $39.99) and marked down to $26 but with the 50% off I was able to have this baby in my little hands for only $14. No kidding. Even though it wasn’t a Hot Tools brand (which I love love love) this thing heats up fast, has a super long cord and curled my hair in the same amount of time. I really love the soft larger curls and am even more excited that I didn’t have to spend as much money as I would have online.

curling iron

If you have a Sally’s Beauty Supply near you and could use a new blow dryer, waver, curling iron, etc. Go visit before this sale ends (or before all the good stuff is gone). The email said it ends on February 28th. You still have time! (If you go, let me know what you were able to grab).

Be well my Beauties!!  <3 Denise

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