February Ipsy Glambag

IMG_7512It always seems like every January & February Ipsy just tosses together a bag without really thinking about what they are tossing in. I almost feel like it is just a bunch of their extras from last year but for a mere $10 I cannot really complain. The theme for this month is ‘Ipsy Love’ in which I thought they would dedicate to Valentine’s Day. But, nope. So, I have to say for once…. thumbs down on the theme. Who’s idea was this? You’re fired! jk jk, I kid.

Cute cosmetic bag. I do like it but its whats inside that counts!! Am I Right!?! =)

City Color Cosmetics ~ Creamy Lip Stain: To be honest, I’ve never done well with lip stains. This one is a little better in its formula as it is a creamier version of a normal stain. Does what it is supposed to do, nice color but definitely looks best with a gloss on top.

Emite Makeup ~ Professional Eyelash Curler: Yes! Yes! Yes! What girl would turn away an eyelash curler?? Not this chick. Love it. I’ve been using the same eyelash curler for nearly a decade. No joke. I was so happy to get this cute black one with pretty red refills. So cute! I would have paid $10 for this alone!

Eva NYC ~ Up all night Volumnizing Spray: This spray smells UHH-MAZING! Like, Oh my gosh so so good. Loved it and need about a gallon in my bathroom asap! Felt light and manageable. The perfect texture. A+++

Mitchell & Peach ~ Fine Radiance Face Oil: Confused. How do I use this? I’ve never come across a face oil…. A serum, yes. An oil = confused. Is it used like a moisturizer? Please help a sistah out by commenting below.

ModelCo Blush ~Cheek Powder in Bellini: Cuhh-UUuuuute! Love this blush. I received Cosmopolitan and stole my daughters as well in Bellini. Great blushes that come with a soft sparkle. Beautiful!

It may look like I received an extra item but it was my Ipsy point item. Mango Hand Cream. This is the perfect sized packaging for your purse or your car. The smell is great to boot!

Link: http://www.ipsy.com/r/1qsp?sid=ipsypoints&cid=general only $10 a month.

I’ve absolutely been loving peeking inside your glam bags as well so keep them coming in our IPSY FB group and feel free to trade up for the items you love. (be sure you send me a PM when you request to join)

Love, Peace & Makeup Grease! XO -Denise

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