*Fun Friday*

Helllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooo ladies,

I’m positive you are share my happiness today, I mean, it issssss Friday and all!!! This week was good to me in regards of trying new product and I even won a giveaway! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!! Let’s start show and tell immediately!

First off, my hair has been feeling nothing short of crap this past month so this hair mask by Arvazalia came in perfect timing. The bottle itself was screaming my name, I mean, how adorable is this plastic jar? It fits perfectly in the palm of my hand. It reads “Repairs, Strengthens, and adds volume to damaged, Brittle & Thinning Hair” and its infused with Argan and Macadamia oil. Get on my hair NOW! If I were to create a deep conditioner this would be it, no lie, no lie…no lie-e-I-e-I… It smells like the freshest most clean scent imaginable. Its just fantastic. PS. It’s only $16.99 right now on Amazon.

Arvazallia Deep Conditioner

I also want to thank Lady Code Blog for my giveway prize, I was doing cartwheels when I heard that I had won! Be sure to check out her blog.


Anyway, that’s it ladies! These were my fun items this week. Now, I’ll be heading to my blog list to check out what you were up to this week. Enjoy the weekend!!! xo

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