You’ve given me the sun in a towel! + Giveaway.

Are you guilty of using the tanning booth as much as I did last year?

:::hanging my head in shame::: I know, I know…

I’ve worked for a Dermatologist office in my past for 10 years. In their front office, skin care center, etc. I’ve seen patients come in with skin cancer and leave with big bandages because they’ve had to have them removed. You start to become a pro at judging who is a tanning bed user by the look of their skin. Mostly its elasticity is gone…I mean, gone, gone. It’s covered in wrinkles and skin cancer. You would think I should know better. Of course, though, I’m human and last year I was feeling really good about my body because I was working out hard core and I was super happy about the ‘color’ of my skin that only a tanning bed could give. Through the winter, I didn’t go at all. Okay, I’m lying. (There I go being human again). I went probably less than a handful of times for weddings or special events and things. Not even close to my last years stats.


I was given a chance to test out Thermalabs Glo 2 Go towelettes. 20 come in a box compared to the usual 10 by competitors. I’ve tried spray tans before, even tanning lotion. I’ve never been excited about either of those due to the smell, streaks and the color was always unnatural. The Glo 2 Go towelettes come wrapped separately in singles and the box is designed so that you can store it nicely. All you do is slip one out, tear it open and apply. The first one I used was on my arm. I wanted to just apply it to one side so that I can what the differences were. The first thing I noticed was that it covered a pretty good area of skin. Once towelette could have covered my entire upper body. In comparison, the towelette is the same size as a baby wipe and a little goes a long way. There is no product being wasted. After applying the product I went ahead with my normal daily routine and waited for it to develop into its final color. Once it did, I was VERY pleased. What a great golden brown color. It’s actually the color that I get from the tanning bed. Not orange at all. I’m pretty impressed. The next day I used another towel on my entire body. There is a definite color change, no streaks at all and no gathering on my knuckles, palms or knees. (I must note, I excoliated entirely before this process). Grabbing a towelette like this was really fast and convenient for me. Even better, the tan stayed on for a few days. I may just turn my tan membership into boxes of Go 2 Glo. A much safer and healthier way duplicate that gorgeous glow that I crave year round. Thermalabs has given me the sun in a towel and I love my skin again!!!!

Left: Without, Right: with Go2Glo
Left: Without, Right: with Go2Glo

Check them out on Twitter & Facebook! You can also grab a box of 20 towelettes for only $24.99 on the Thermalabs website.

Because I love this product so much I’ll be hosting a GIVEAWAY!!!

** If you’d love to enter my Go2Glo Giveaway please leave a comment below & let me know what you use to get sun kissed skin.** Contest ends on 1/23/15!!! (contest has ended) The winner will be selected at random. GOOD LUCK!!!!


WE HAVE A WINNER!!!! AND THE WINNER IS………… BRANDEE! Your Go2Glo will be shipped out asap! Congratulations!!!


*This product was sent for free in exchange for an honest review*

8 Replies to “You’ve given me the sun in a towel! + Giveaway.”

  1. Id love to try these. I have only used the oil spray by Banana Boat while sun bathing in a pool. i’ve gone tanning in a bed maybe 2 times.. wasnt really a fan. Kind of Claustrophobic in there.. and it felt like a casket to me. EEEK! I also was gifted a spray tan 3 days before my wedding and i have to say i would never ever get a spray tan. I was orange and there was gathering on mu knuckles creases. and it wore on my dress even 3 days after the application.. So these Glo2go Towelettes and your review make this product seem wonderful! I have to try!

  2. well I really don’t use anything in fear of breaking out but I do use a bit of bronzer from too face every now and then as for me I am so white in the winter but in the summer time I have such a normal glow I am looking for that same look for the winter time….if i won this….this would be my first ever win on any give away….plus I have an up coming birthday and this would be a great gift to win but whomever wins will be so lucky….good luck to all and have a wonderful new year

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