Graduation Dress

What a weekend! This is graduation week for my daughter who will be promoting to high school from 8th grade. This week has come so fast. Her and I went shopping for her graduation dress on Saturday and it was so much fun. She looks so darn cute in the dresses that she tried on but we had a hard time finding one dress that matched the criteria for her school. It must have straps, they must be 2 fingers wide, they can’t be too short… You know, the usual. The dress she fell in love with was strapless so I ended up buying it for her in hopes that I can create straps myself. Boy – this is a big shot in the dark for me. I’ve never attached straps to a dress. We headed over to Joann’s in search of fabric that I can turn into straps. I ended up finding a super light belted material that I ended up braiding. So far it looks pretty good. Last night I’ve attached them to the front of the dress. This evening I’ll finish the back and I’ll be crossing my fingers in hopes that it turns out like I see it in my mind…

Do I have any readers who love to sew? What do you make? Do you have an Etsy page?

Here’s to happy sewing!


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