Hair tie bracelet by Ashley Bridget


What a cute idea! I am so happy to finally own a hair tie bracelet! I found this one from Ashley Bridget Co. for just under $12. Score! All of us women/girls find it so convenient to just throw a hair tie around out wrist and go. This is such a cute way to have your hair tie at hand but in a stylish and fashionable way in the form of jewelry. It comes in a beautiful black jewelry box and secured in a pretty black mesh bag tied with a black ribbon and extra hair ties. When you look inside of the bracelet you can see it engraved “Ashley Bridget” which makes it feel even more special. I’m not sure if you can see it very well in the photo but it is silver in color and surprisingly feels really well made. I’m totally into jewelry that is cute AND serves a purpose.

I definitely will buy a few more of these just before Christmas because they’ll make great gifts for all of the girls in my family and even for those people that are hard to buy for. Too cute!



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