Hairstyle Hacks for the Lazy Girl in you.

I’m a HUGE Life Hack fan and can spend many countless hours on YouTube browsing Life Hack channels. In fact, I’m waiting for my kids to get home so I can show them the new easy open glass bottle trick I learned today. Nothing excites me more than useless information and I’ll drown myself in it if I have to. If you have any random facts, useless information or Life Hacks feel free to flood me with them.

I came across this link and it was titled ’23 Hairstyle hacks for the Lazy Girl in You.’ Want to know which one I loved the most? The pony tail, split in half & curl trick. I mean, this is genius! (You bet your lil booty that I’ll be trying this one today).

<<Update: I tried the pony tail hack and it was a complete #fail. haha! I wish I took a picture. This only works if you have super thin & fine hair. There was NO way that I could curl 1/2 of my ponytail, it was wayyy to thick and it looked terrible. I’d love to see someone else try this. It sounded like such a good idea and looked amazingly simple.>>

During my surf today on YouTube this video gave me the giggles. It proves that some of us women will try anyyyythinggggg to stay youthful and its quite hilarious. I will be the first to admit that I’ll try anything once in hopes that I’ve learned the most treasured beauty secret. I need to learn all of the wives tales your mama’s have taught you.

Anyway, dolls, I just wanted to make a quick entry to share a few lazy girl tricks & a quick laugh on this beautiful Sunday and when you learn useless information or a cool new life hack please head over here and share it with me. I’m dying to know…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!



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