Hask Superfruit Healthy Hair Collection


What caught my eye about this product was its ingredients. First and foremost I am excited that it doesn’t contain sulfur, parabens or drying alcohol. These are all ingredients that tend to make my hair feel damaged more than nourished. I love the fact that it is mostly made up of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidents. These are things that I care about a lot at my age. When I was a teen and into my twenties I could care less what checmicals were in my products and what they did to my hair as long as it “looked” good but now that I am older and wiser (or am I? lol) I really care about ingredients and the health of my hair. This collection came with shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask and a brush. My daughter quickly grabbed my hair brush and stuck it in her purse. Obviously, it was great!

I used the hair mask three times so far and I still have one more use in the packet. A little goes a long way. After using the shampoo my hair felt like it was stripped of all the hair product I used in it the day before (hairspray, oil, texture spray, etc.) and it felt (and smelled) super clean! I’m so thankful I was given the chance to review this product because it is truly one I will purchase in the future. Using the shampoo and conditioner together gave my damaged hair some life again! YAAAASSSS!!

Side note, you know how it its a new trend in hair to condition your hair first then shampoo your hair? I tried it with this product and was surprised at the effect it gave me with my curls. Instead of feeling like my hair was weighed down with a conditioner (although this conditioner is truly super lightweight) I was able to curl it with ease and the curls actually stayed bouncy as if I had sprayed a hairspray on it. I really liked the way it worked for me when I used it backwards.

Give it a try, ladies!

<3 Denise


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