Hemp Hearts and Fitness

Anyone else get these in their Pinch Me box a few months ago? These Hemp Hearts are a sample that I received and I just tossed it aside and today I finally decided to try them. Before I try anything it’s good to know what is on the nutrition label. For 3 tablespoons (which is a lot because these seeds are as tiny as a chia seed) for 170 calories. Even though that might make you think the caloric intake isn’t ideal, I can assure you its 170 calories that you will want to eat daily. There is 0 cholesterol, 0 sodium, 3 grams of fiber and my favorite part = 10 grams of protein. Plus, they’re packed with healthy fats.Image-1
I don’t usually share my Pinch Me items here on FYM unless I’m really impressed with them and these Hemp Hearts were definitely impressive. They’re super tiny and tender and remind me of an infusion of sunflower seeds & a raw pea. That’s as best as I can describe the taste. I shared the sample with the ladies at work and all were impressed. So, I ordered a 1 pound bag today from the manufacturer. I’d love to try these in my cereal, yogurt and salads and see how they make me feel.
After Thanksgiving I am feeling a little extra fluffy and am trying to get my fitness motivation back. Once I resigned from being a Beach Body coach, I’ve totally slipped. This will give me a little spark in my eating habits but now it’s time to commit to some sort of physical activity again. I had so many people looking for me for support while I was coaching and now I’m struggling to find it again…

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