High School Grad

Ohhh my my my… I’ve been missing… Sorry for that. May has been a super busy month for me as a mom so I took some time out to focus on the end of the year for both of my kids. They’re in high school so there were end of the year parties, planning, etc… My son graduated High School last week. I’m trippin’. Never did I think this day would come so fast. I’m 39, watching my 17 year old graduate highschool. It came so fast, in the blink of an eye. For other young moms, everything can wait… love your babies and spend tons of time with them right now. I’ve always heard other moms┬ásay… “where did the time go?” and its true, it happens….fast. My son will be attending a State University this summer and I’m not quite sure what I think of it. More than anything, I’m super proud…. He’s a good man, a gentleman… honest, caring, loving, driven… We’ve made it. Now I’m just waiting to see what comes of him during these college years. I’m so lucky to be able to witness his life…

This is a picture of my daughter, me, my son, my best friend and her daughter as well as my husband and sister.

c/o 2015
c/o 2015

There are so many graduations happening… If you have a graduate this year, Congrats to you and a job well done!!!!

What a great time for all!!!

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