In the market for a new digital scale?

hey HEY hey! I’m not sure if you are like me but I had a super old scale in my bathroom that was not even digital yet. It was an old school weight watcher scale where you had to step on, wait for the dial to move, then settle, then you could step off and guestimate your weight. Finally, I received a digital one for review and I’m so happy to toss my old weight watcher scale and replace it with a new one that has a sleek design. It’s beautiful and light weight. Although the box has a little bit of a marketing issue to me, I enjoy the scale. I have to admit though, it doesn’t do anything fancy like record your weight each day, or calculate your bmi. It’s truly just a simple digital scale. I’ll post a picture below of why I feel the box is a little misleading with wifi and I’ll also attach a picture below for you to see the scale itself. My issue with the box is that it shows a little icon which normally would represent ‘wifi’ but really, it just says it has 4 high precision sensors. (which I also believe ‘sensors’ is misspelled, they wrote ‘sesors’. If they meant sesor’s then I don’t understand what those are.) I could be being truly picky but I want you to know I’m reviewing honestly and giving my constructive criticism. Anyway, the scale itself if great if you are looking for a simple sleek basic digital scale. I found it here on Amazon for $39.95

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