Influenster Slim Fast Voxbox

Hello friends!!! First, I’ve got to apologize for going missing for a few months. I had some crazy things happening in my life that took up a lot of my attention. The spring semester is beginning next week and I’ve THOROUGHLY enjoyed my break. Any of you going back to school this spring? Good luck to you!

Influenster sent me the Slim Fast Voxbox at the end of December and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I ate every single item that was packed in this box, take a peek!


  • Slimfast ready to drink shake in Vanilla – I cracked this open and used it as a meal replacement for breakfast. Super good!
  • Slimfast advanced nutrition 100 calorie snack in Sour Cream and Onion baked crisps – Ate this with a turkey sandwich during lunch and would definitely opt for this instead of a bag of chips. They really taste good and I enjoyed the texture.
  • Slimfast advanced nutrition sea salt meal replacement bars – UH YUM! Is this candy? I can’t believe this is a meal replacement bar. I’d definitely buy these.
  • Slimfast advanced nutrition 100 calorie snack, drizzled crisps, cinnamon bun swirl – THESE had to be my favorite of them all. The bag was pretty big and stuffed with little crisps. I thought the bag would be mostly air but really, they pack them in well. I want to hunt these down and buy a box or 9.


**Influenster is free to be a member, there are never any fees and you get a chance to try new products that are coming out on the market before anyone else. You don’t have to do anything but post a review on your social media. I’ve gotten makeup, body lotions, food items, household items…everything you can think of. Free! If you want to try it out, the link is HERE for you.


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