InStyler Tulip Curler

Religiously I curl my hair with a 1″ Hot Tools Curling iron. When I say religiously, literally, I mean every single day. No kidding. I was given a change to try out the InStyler Tulip Curler. When I removed it from the box it looked really strange and completely intimidating. The ‘how to’ video scared me to death. When I watched it I saw this ladies gorgeous hair get sucked up into an electrical machine. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!? It was sucked up and wound up in this perfect little spiral. That is why it was intimidating to me. I had to get over the fear of my winding up around the barrel (and not by my hands).

This machine heats up pretty fast and gets as hot as I like it. Over 400 degrees. That’s great for my crazy mornings and my hair holds it curls when it reaches those high temperatures too. Anyway, I took a little chunk of my hair and off it went. After about 2 curls I thought I’d record it for my readers to see. (See below)

Freaky….yet, amazing. Right? Love those curls. I even took an after picture so you can see how full and bouncy it made my hair.


Using the InStyler took an extra 5-7 minutes than my regular curler, but I’m okay with that. It turned out great and I’m super happy with it. Super faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabuloussssssss!

Go get one!!

Anyone else use one of these? How did your hair turn out? I’d love to see.


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