Jan Marini Skin C-ESTA Serum

More than a decade ago I worked in a Skin Care Center for a local Dermatologists office and I remember selling this product as one of our most raved about products from our patients and our skin care center clients. The minute I pumped out some of the C-Esta Serum onto my finger tips I remember that it was most definitely a “serum” and not a cream (which confused me due to the pump style top instead of a dropper). I almost think the product would dispense cleaner with the use of a dropper because it just ran from the pump when I wasn’t prepared for it. Now that I’ve used it for awhile, I’ve gotten the hang of it! Woo-hoo!! First, I LOVE the citrus scent that it leaves on my skin. Scent in a product shouldn’t be a huge factor but for me – it is! It’s easy to identify the word ‘serum’ with ‘oily’ but with this product, its not the case. It almost feels like a super duper light moisturizing serum. It’s not tacky at all. It actually feels very comfortable. What are its benefits? Lift, tighten and firm and is good for all skin types.¬†Yessssss, Please!! I’ve found that you can use this under your regular moisturizer or alone. Also, you don’t have to wait long to start applying a primer or foundation either. It’s really a nice product and I feel super fancy when I use it. PS. Isn’t the packaging beautiful too!? Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you.


XO -Denise

Link: Jan Marini – Skin C-ESTA Serum

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