When junkmail turns into paper presents

How many of you really open your junk mail? I highly recommend putting it aside if you don’t have the time to open it right away because sometimes you can find neat little paper presents. I’ve got a sweet little collection of $2 bills I’ve received to take some sort of a survey (which I ended up shredding but keeping the $2 bill) bad, I know. I’ve even shredded a quarter because I didn’t look inside first. Most of the time I receive personalized return address labels that I use often. But yesterdays junk mail took the cake.


Our family does a gift exchange every Christmas and one year I drew my cousins name. The only thing he wanted was for someone to make a donation to one of his favorite charities in his name. His charity was Heifer International. So, every year after I receive tons of mail from them but this time these 5 super cute cards were included. They have nerdy puns inside like ‘Missing ewe” and they are super cheesy but I promise they will not go to waste.  I almost feel like my donation is getting paid to me in free paper presents. So, even though their mail is totally annoying, I was happy to find these little gems inside this time. I’m definitely keeping these. There will be a moment these will come in handy but until then ~ they’re going in my freebie paper present stack.

What little gems have you found inside your junk mail? I’d love to hear! =)

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