Just Bamboo Cutting Boards

Chopping, cutting, slicing… It’s one of my favorite things to do in the kitchen but usually it is done on a glass or plastic cutting board. I own a few wood blocks that I’ve cut on in the past but I was taken by surprise because I had no idea there was a different way to care for them than usual cutting boards that I’ve just tossed in the dishwasher. Well last week I received 3 ‘Just Bamboo’ boards to use in my kitchen and before I ripped the plastic off of them I saw that there were instructions. It said that you should pretreat the boards with Mineral Oil to help keep your boards from drying out and it helps keep them sanitized. I’m all for that so I went on the hunt for food grade mineral oil. Then I just made sure to put in on the front and back of the boards and let them completely dry overnight before I used them.

We made cheeseburgers for dinner last week and I was able to use the boards for all the fixins’.. tomatoes, avacados, lettuce, onions (not pictured). I really loved using these. They aren’t too bulky, they’re really easy to stack and my knife didn’t leave cuts or scrapes in them. They will definitely be one of my go-to cutting boards for veggies and cheeses.

Cleanup was easy as well. I just washed them with a mild dish soap and rinsed…

I liked them! Right nowthe 3 piece set is only $17.97 (1/2 off) right now on Amazon.

**I received this product free in exchange for an honest unbiased review**


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