Keyboard for Ipad Air

IMG_7518Last week I received a SleeKeys Ipad case with an integrated physical keyboard for my Ipad Air. What interested me the most is the unique way it interacts with my Ipad. There is no Bluetooth, batteries or wires…Sometimes it gets really complicated trying to connect when you have to deal with those sorts of things. It’s really simple, you just flip the keyboard onto the Ipad screen which is how the SkeeKeys can operate without electricity of any sort.

It tripped me out. This will make writing emails and my grocery lists and calendar entries a lot more easier that I can actually feel a key when I’m typing. My speed and accuracy is so much better when I use this keyboard. I was so bummed when cellphones went from an actual qwerty keyboard with real keys to just tapping a letter on the screens so getting back the keyboard feel is very familiar and comfortable to me.

Our local Office Max is going out of business and they have huge discounts so I went to look for a Bluetooth keyboard and even with the discount they were over $80. The SleeKeys doesn’t use Bluetooth or any confusing ways of starting it up and is only $49.95. That’s approximately the same price as a regular case (w/o a keyboard!).

This is really neat and super convenient and am happy I was able to receive one.

Feel free to check out their website at

XO- Denise

*This product was sent for free in exchange for an honest review.*

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