L’Oreal Triple Power Voxbox

*squealllling* I was so excited when I received my influenster voxbox with this beauty inside. a full size!! I’ve used this product before. Maybe it was last year but I remember when I got to the bottom of the jar I was digging with my fingers for every last drop. after using it for the last 8 days I’ve definitely noticed difference in the suppleness of my skin. I feel like my face is a little brighter and when your face feels supple it always feels more youthful. I even slather it on my neck and decollate.  As you enter your 40’s like me, your neck starts to go south. (remember I told you this, ladies!) take care of your neck. anyway, I wanted to share this product with you because I’m really happy with it. you can find it at target, ultra, wal-mart, etc… or just get a free influenster account and qualify for all of these wonderful goodies.

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