Made such a fool of myself…

My husband Fern, my daughter Lexi & I made a late night run to Ross in the next city over for a quick shopping trip and once we got in the doors we all went our seperate ways. I eyeballed a super cute leather jacket (the only one left & in my size too!) so I remove the hanger and tried it on. I do a few poses side to side in the mirror envisioning outfits I can wear it with and knew I jus had to have it. So, I take it off so that I can go find Fern try it on for him too (He’s got great fashion sense) and I trust his opinion. So without looking like I was stealing it I removed it from my body but quickly noticed that the little security device hung on the back of the neck in which my long hair decided to get wrapped around and stuck in.

I COULDNT take the jacket off, so I put it back on so I didn’t look like an obvious fool because I currently had NO help with untangling my hair from the security tag. If I took off the jacket it would just hang from the back of my hair. This is when I start to laugh at myself (I’m sure I looked psycho) and I see Lexi across the store. I yell “LEXI!!!” and moutedh “help me!” She looked so annoyed with me because she didn’t want to be there in the first place.. She comes up to me and says “what mom??” I said “I’m stuck to the jacket” and can’t stop laughing. She’s like “are you serious? I can’t even believe you” and literally I’m dying because of her reaction. She twisted and untied my hair and eventually said “I’m gonna just have to pull some out” I just said “do it” cuz I’m not about to lay backwards on the checkout desk so they can run me and my hair into the security device machine to free me. Nonetheless, she freed me and walked away… “Seriously, mom?”

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

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