Miss Fancy Pants…

It’s so funny when you mature and think back on thoughts you had when you were younger & realize your thoughts are so different as we age. When I was a little lady (let’s say in my teens up until my twenties) I worked with a handful of more mature women in a doctor’s office (when I say ‘mature’ I mean they were 40+ years old) but also lets just go back into our young minds when we even thought 40+ was old because that is where my mind was at the time.. Anyway, I always saw them putting on ‘hand lotion’… constantly. Right when they got to work, mid morning, after lunch, a few hours later and before they went home from work. Back then, I thought “those ladies are so fancy”, “how can they possibly need so much hand lotion?”, “it’s totally because they are high society”. I really thought these things… Now, it seems since I’ve turned 39 I can’t get enough hand lotion. It’s not because I’m miss fancy pants either. My hands feel old and dry….and literally THIRSTY! I totally get them now and it took me decades to be able to understand. Our mothers and grandmothers are NOT crazy. They foretell our future, ladies. Pay attention to them. Get your hand lotion now and start quenching their thirst. Stay hydrated all over your body…from head to toe because if you aren’t 39 yet like me… You will wish you did.

Are there any memories you remember as a kid and see it totally different today? Be sure to share in the comment below, I’d love to hear.

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