Diamond Candles! FUN!


Diamond Candles

Shopping for gifts is probably one of my favorite things to do. I never ever have anything in mind until I put myself out into the shopping world and something literally yells “pick me pick me”. This happens when I shop online as well. June 27th was my sisters birthday and I wanted to get her something special (and fun!). This year was the first year that I knew exactly what I wanted to give to her. Something that would be a gift that would give her another gift in time. A Diamond Candle. Have you heard of these? They are candles made for any occasion as well as daily use but you have to burn it for a few hours to reveal another special gift. A ring. They range anywhere between $10 – $5000. No kidding, check out their website (there is a 20% off discount on that link). ┬áIf you click ‘photos’ you can browse all of the rings that people received. I’ve spent hours browsing these photos because each ring is so beautiful. When I added a birthday candle to my shopping cart for my sister, I had to grab one for myself too! Mine is pictured above. This was so much fun and I can’t wait to grab another… Who’s birthday is next?? It really is one of my favorite gift ideas.

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