Pedigree Stackerz VoxBox Unboxing

My puppy (pup-pup) drove me crazy when she heard our mail lady at the door but for some reason my lil furbaby was being extra super psycho. I was handed a little box and saw that it was from Influenster. Yes! I qualified for the Pedigree Stackerz VoxBox this time around. Normally it is beauty & skincare products but sometimes its nice for my other family members to enjoy them once in awhile. I see that my pup was psycho for a good reason. She probably smelled the Pedigree Stackerz treats that were inside the box. I could hardly open it fast enough. I’ve got to be honest and tell you that I peeked in the box before I filmed the unboxing video and the aroma that came out of it was strong… meaty, bacon’y… no wonder why she was acting like a freak of nature. They come in strips that are bacon flavored on one side and filet minon on the other. Oh, you fancy huh! They’re also scored so you can break them apart for the smaller sized dogs.  The unboxing video is down below, be sure to check it out. Watch pup-pup as she did an excellent job for her first time on video. =)

The Pedigree Stackerz were a hit!!! We must go buy another bag. Thank you Influenster & Pedigree!!!

** If you would like to receive Influenster boxes complimentary for review purposes like I do ~ just send an email to with the comment “Influenster” and your email address and I’ll send you an invite. I have about 18 left as of today.=)

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