Physician’s Formula Instant Doll Lash Mascara

Yesterday was a good mail day! I’ve been waiting for this for about 6 weeks and it finally came. Let me preface by saying that I use Latisse on a regular basis to grow my natural lashes but am always on the hunt for a great mascara. It’s important to me to have beautiful lashes because it brightens and opens up your eyes and face. So, this came yesterday from Physician’s Formula and I was excited to try it out. I’ve used fiber mascara in the past and never could get used to the fibers or they were very clumpy. The last time I used a two part mascara (fiber and mascara application) the fibers were long and white and seemed to be made out of super thin plastic. Those always clumped or fell in my eye and it just never was a positive experience. I figured this would be the same. First, I always read directions so that I apply it correctly and give it a true chance. First, you are supposed to use the mascara to coat the lashes, then apply the fibers and then the mascara to lock in the fibers. Okay so I did this to my already long lashes and it just totally made them even longer, thicker and fuller! My 16 year old daughter grabbed the bottles away from me and said “I need this!!!” haha! She lucked out this time!

Rating: 5 stars!!!

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