Protect yourself from electronic pick pocketing!!

Did you see the video that went viral about a man standing inside of a McDonalds telling a lady that he can steal her credit card # through her purse and use it right in front of her? He had some sort of device and stood close to her. He never touched her but he swiped his device near her purse and got her cc information and uploaded it to a hotel room key. He got in line and then placed a lunch order at Mc D’s. It worked! And he used HER bank information. She was straight up trippin’!

Maybe it was one like this one:
After watching that I went on a mad hunt for sleeves that banks usually have on hand that protect your debit card from fraud like this. Of course, when I went into the bank there weren’t any to be given out. Today I received a pack of 5 credit card shields for free in exchange for my review and OF COURSE I LOVE THEM!!! You can protect your credit cards, debit card, gas card, military CAC cards and even the new contactless cards. BUT let’s be honest, I’m totally using one on my Starbucks gold card. That thing was demagnetized this year. It feels good to have all of my important cards protected from weather, water, puncture, tearing and even fraud!!! So, as you can tell, I am one happy mama!!!
You can find them on Amazon for less than $8 for a pack of 5 by clicking HERE

Secure Sleeves
Secure Sleeves

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