Studio Gear Perfecting Face Primer

Perfecting Face Primer
Perfecting Face Primer

This product landed in my hands in perfect timing. It was like the makeup heavens knew I needed some help. Lately, I’ve been fighting a battle with my skin. Usually I never have issues with my skin but I’ve been in a battle with skin texture specifically on my forehead. I went through a thorough brush cleaning, exfoliating, and using a few different sheet masks. When I read that the Perfecting Face Primer included Retinol in it’s ingredient I was quite pleased. It is also paraben and fragrance free.

This primer is silicone based and seems to visually diminish the appearance of my rough texture and gave me a smooth look. The objective of this primer is to help support cell turnover and contains a release system with retinal that can help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s really gorgeous and feel light to the touch. I have worn this primer for about two weeks and with the help of exfoliating and using clean brushes my skin is slowly coming back to its original texture. The best part is that Studio Gear is allowing me to give my readers a 10% discount if you would like to try it for yourself.


Discount Code: BB

Enjoy, ladies.


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