Upper Fix

Fitness is super important to me because I truly care about my health and I make sure that some sort of physical fitness is happening on a daily basis. You’ve seen me talk about the 21 Day Fix, specifically the eating plan, but yesterday it’s workout calendar called for the “upper fix”. This 30 minute workout focused specifically on arms, core and chest. I love this program because you are able to use free weights and nothing feels better on my muscles than lifting. I’m not quite sure which exercise challenged my calves so much but they are screaaaaming at me every time I use them. Now that I think about it…. This soreness might be from the day before yesterday when I did “dirty 30”. Ahhhh yes! The calf raises!!

Soreness is such a bitter sweet feeling. It reminds me that my muscles are still alive & they beg to be worked. The feeling is such a great motivator and inspires me to keep on going. Our minds automatically tell our bodies to stop when it feels pain. I’ve come to realize that when I feel that burning sensation, I’m making the most progress and that I need to keep going. The burn doesn’t last forever and the results will be amazing. 

Think. Positive.

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