Yay! It’s pretty present day!

Yay!! I was so excited when I was delivered a package this afternoon. It was a giveaway gift that I won from one of my favorite YouTubers, Jessica Murphy, aka JamBeauty89. She is not only a teacher but also runs a beauty channel. The best, in my opinion. Awhile back she posted a video revealing the inside of her Starbox. She was sent two on accident so she held a giveaway for the extra one. I still can’t believe I won! Every morning I woke up hoping I’d receive it in the mail like a little kid on Christmas morning. ha!

There were two Starlooks items inside the August Box:

  • Black Precision Eye Liner
  • 3B2 3 Shade Blush Palette


Jessica included a really pretty personal note inside which I loved more than the products alone. It was nice to get a box with a classic black eyeliner but I have to rave about the blush palette. The colors are GORGEOUS! There is a really pretty seashell color, a really fantastic bronze color and a fabulous pink color. It will be fun to start using them. Such a fun giveaway and I am totally honored. Thank you to the moon, Jessica!!


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